Multiple Multiplying Methods for the Month of May

May is soon to be upon us, and my students are busy exploring multiplication strategies.

Below are just a few that often come up in our studies.

Standard Agorithm (and slight adaptations):

x method 1 standard algorithm 1

x method 4standard algorithmx method 5 

Halving and Doubling method:

half doublehalf double 2


Chisenbop Method:  You can check it out online at:


Lattice Multiplication:  Video

lattice xlatticelattice x 2


Array/Box Methods:

x method 7x method 2x method 8x method 6

x method 9


Students are exploring many different methods of approach- not just the standard algorithm.

Merry Multiplying in May!




About musingsofamathteacher

I am presently employed at New Sarepta Elementary School as a grade five teacher. During my career I have taught Grades 12 - 2. The past three years I was fortunate to work part-time as Math Lead for my school district, Black Gold Regional Schools, and have just recently accepted a part-time secondment with Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium. I have always had a passion for mathematics and am excited about implementing Alberta's "new" mathematics curriculum.
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  1. jabrae says:

    i love this website and im a student

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