Students Learning In Motion- Motion Geometry!

This month we embark upon the adventure of math learning in motion. (literally).

Students are working through many transformation activities focusing on concepts such as translations (slides), rotations (turns), and reflections (flips).  Although for some the terminology has changed since their younger years they are really enjoying the hands on activities using grid paper, dot paper, and manipulatives.

Interesting sites to further our study this unit include:


Translations (Slides)

Rotations (Turns)

Reflection (Flips)

Reflection, Rotations, & Translation  (Chapter 5)

Lines of Symmetry

Math and Art

On-line Game

Gangnam Style Math (Transformation Style)-Video


About musingsofamathteacher

I am presently employed at New Sarepta Elementary School as a grade five teacher. During my career I have taught Grades 12 - 2. The past three years I was fortunate to work part-time as Math Lead for my school district, Black Gold Regional Schools, and have just recently accepted a part-time secondment with Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium. I have always had a passion for mathematics and am excited about implementing Alberta's "new" mathematics curriculum.
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