Back to the Basics-Facts that is!

I have had a lot of parents asking me about how to review basic facts with their children. In my classroom I use a variety of strategies from the traditional flash card method, to mad minutes, to dice and card games, to online games.

Many students still find drill an effective way of learning their basic facts.  Other students find more untraditional methods work better for them. Dice games, card games, oral review, computer games…so many choices.  Regular review is crucial and now more than ever before there are many resources available to help get this review done!

One of my favourite resources is the website  that my district has made available for students and parents (and teachers).  This site is rich with resources not only in the area of mathematics, but all other subject areas as well.  It is well organzied by Division, Grade, and Curriculum Strands and Concepts.  Check it out if you haven’t yet had the chance to.

Some other sites to visit include:

Free Printable Traditional Math Flash Cards: (Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division)

Subtraction Flash Cards:



Hoping everyone has a wonderful March!



About musingsofamathteacher

I am presently employed at New Sarepta Elementary School as a grade five teacher. During my career I have taught Grades 12 - 2. The past three years I was fortunate to work part-time as Math Lead for my school district, Black Gold Regional Schools, and have just recently accepted a part-time secondment with Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium. I have always had a passion for mathematics and am excited about implementing Alberta's "new" mathematics curriculum.
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1 Response to Back to the Basics-Facts that is!

  1. Amber says:

    These sites are very useful for teaching basic math facts. In my experience, even older students need to practice their basic facts.

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